Work Program for People with disabilities

It's Spring 2017! Lots of new happenings and not enough time to blog!

First, although I have loved making CUSTOM invitations for all my clients the last 15 years, I have found a new and more rewarding passion- working with my students with various disabilities. We will be selling our stationery packaged by our students in local shops. Through our Designs by Lenila products we will train and educate students interested in microbusiness.

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Watercolors everywhere!

Happy Thursday! It's been a busy last 3 months with invitations. It's all good. 

I have been also busy teaching watercolors to my young adult daughter with autism. She just loves to watercolor! and I love to watchher paint. It's so refreshing, pure and honest. 

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Prayers to the Families in the CT shooting

In memory of the children and adults of Sand Hook Elementary School, Newton, CT

December 14, 2012


I held him for a little while, made plans to watch him grow. 

We played each waking moment so he’d know I loved him so. 

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Feeling the Christmas Spirit

Feeling the holiday spirit as I decorate our house and my studio.
My daughter making special hot chocolate bars..very creative!
Listening to some of our favorite Christmas tunes on Pandora stream..gotta love new technology!
Enjoy some of my favorite Christmas memories
from Lake Tahoe and San Francisco with my family to the Cayman Islands celebrating with Brent's family~

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Giving Thanks

Another Thanksgiving has gone by...and this one was very special because we hosted it for the very first time! I am not really an avid cook so I am sure the family was a bit worried (as was I). And it had to be a gluten free, casein(dairy) free menu! Oh, and did I mention it needed to taste good, too?

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